Know Direction Guest Blogger Takeover!

From October 7-18, our regularly scheduled blogs are on hold as Pathfinder freelance writers, artists, publishers, and community members step in to share their thoughts, knowledge, and experience.  

It’s been an eventful few months/years for the Know Direction network, covering one of the biggest news stories in the history of Pathfinder, the release of Pathfinder Second Edition. All of the hard work put in by our blog staff comes with a cost, and they have earned a break. 

Another side effect of all the 2e coverage is that we’ve spotlighted Paizo staff and books at the expense of covering the community and third party publishers. That is not to say we aren’t grateful for the unprecedented access we were granted to Paizo staff, specifically the Pathfinder design team. But Know Direction was built not just on getting to know the people directly behind Pathfinder but also the people who don’t always get the same credit for their contributions, and the people so inspired by this company, this game, and this world that they gave back. 

Over the next two weeks, you will be hearing from some names you may know, others you might be hearing from for the first time. We hope that you enjoy hearing from them as much as we do, and encourage you to give anyone that leaves an impression a quick thanks and a Like or Follow on social media. 

If you miss our regular content, why not reach out to our regular bloggers on Discord and let them know! Alex  Augunas (Iconic Design, Guidance), James Ballod (Code/Switch), Vanessa Hoskins (Craft Adventure), Luis Loza (Monstrous Physique), Andrew Marlowe (Burst of Insight), Randal Meyer (Groundbreaking, Terraforming), and Loren Sieg (Dear DovahQueen, Bend the Knee) have put in hours of hard work and thousands of words for your entertainment for years, and a thumbs up from an appreciative fan goes a long way to refueling the creative tanks. 

You can expect some changes to our blog content starting October 21st. Release dates may shift, blogger topics may change, and a few new faces may be added to the rotation. We might also have a few new guests from time to time. And if the Guest Blogger Takeover is popular, we would be happy to revisit it in the future. 

Now you know,
Ryan Costello

Ryan Costello

What started as one gamer wanting to talk about his love of a game has turned into an empire of gamers talking about their games. Ryan founded what would become the Know Direction Podcast network with Jason "Jay" Dubsky, his friend and fellow 3.5 enthusiast. They and their game group moved on to Pathfinder, and the Know Direction podcast network was born. Now married and a father, Ryan continues to serve the network as a co-host of the flagship podcast, Know Direction. You can find out more about Ryan and the history of the network in this episode of Presenting: