Intrepid Heroes 000 – Introducing Our Intrepid Heroes

Introducing our players and characters.

John Godek – GM,
Stephanie Lundeen – Kaholo the Lashunta Solarian,
Scott Keim – Razz the Skittermander Envoy,
Mark Woolcott – Julakashti the Vesk Soldier,
Ron Lundeen – Skootch the Ysoki Operative,
Rob Helm – Whiskey the Ysoki Mystic

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John Godek

Hi! I am John Godek, Executive Producer for Intrepid Heroes. I am one of the few Gamemasters who has achieved 5 Nova status for the Starfinder RPG from Paizo, as well a Starfinder freelance writer and avid player. When I am not busy running games or working on the podcast, I am a university professor in the Seattle area, teaching business classes. Prior to earning my PhD from the University of Michigan, I was an officer in the US Coast Guard where I sailed the seven seas and circumnavigated North America, in addition to doing scientific work in the Arctic and Antarctic, and law enforcement work on both the East Coast and West Coast of the US.