Jefferson Thacker

Before Perram joined Know Direction as the show’s first full time co-host, the podcast could have best been describe as a bunch of Pathfinder RPG stuff. Perram brings a knowledge of and love for Golarion to Know Direction, something any Pathfinder podcast is lacking without. On top of being a man on the pulse of the Pathfinder campaign setting, Perram is the founder of the superlative site for Pathfinder spellcasters, Perram’s Spellbook, a free web application that creates customized spell cards.


  1. Perry Frix

    Hey, long time listener, first time inquiry. You guys are generally considered *the* source for PF journalism online. That said…

    ‘Tonya and Thursty say Legacy Race Boon is a player boon in Starfinder RSP’ – CITATION BADLY NEEDED.

    I’m running a Starfinder RSP event on Sunday, 9/24. No such player boon is available for that event. Your report sets unrealistic expectations for some of my players.