Private Sanctuary 296 – Bestow Insight: Burned Out By Burn Out

Anthony Li returns in today’s episode of the Private Sanctuary Podcast, which coincidentally talks about Burn Out. Alexander Augunas “The Everyman Gamer” and Anthony Li “The Man Behind the Screens” are talking about what causes burn out, their own experiences with burn out, and how you can mitigate burn out from ravaging your table.

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  1. BardWannabe

    Well, this was a timely topic for me. I stepped down from being a VA this week, having first become a VL almost three years ago. As you guys mentioned, the prep for PFS can be significant, and I’m not sure that the expectation for officers to GM at least once a month (plus stepping in when necessary) really lends itself to allowing people the breaks they need to stay in it for the long hall.