Private Sanctuary Podcast 289 – Summon Industry Ally: Freelancing First Steps

Welcome to the Private Sanctuary Podcast! In today’s episode, Alexander Augunas, the Everyman Gamer, and Anthony Li, the Man Behind the Screens, have another guest to the Private Sanctuary in this week’s installment of Summon Industry Ally! For this special episode on freelancing, they’re calling in their friend and co-conspirator Luis Loza to talk shop, best practices, and worst practices. If you’ve ever wondered what its like to work on our side of the screen, this is an episode not to miss!

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Alex Augunas

Alexander Augunas lives outside of Philadelphia, USA where he tries to make a living as an educator. When he's not shaping the future leaders of tomorrow, Alex is a freelance writer for esteemed Pathfinder Roleplaying Game publishers such as Paizo, Inc, Radiance House, Raging Swan Press, and more, and also acts as a co-host and blogger on the Know Direction Network, where he has earned the nickname, "The Everyman Gamer." Recently, Alex has forayed into the realm of self-publishing through his company, Everyman Gaming, LLC. If you like Alex's writing and are interested in supporting him while getting professional-quality material for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game while doing so, check out the Everyman Gaming, LLC catalog, which is listed under Rogue Genius Games at the following locations:

We Con When You Can't
We Con When You Can't

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  1. I also hire Luis to write (although not promote ~.~) setting material!
    Urethiel in the Veranthea Codex (
    Latin America in Hypercorps 2099 (
    Various fun things in Mists of Akuma (

    Great episode 😀

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