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PaizoCon 2016 Seminar Recordings Update

Here is the status of the PaizoCon 2016 seminar recordings:

  • To the best of my knowledge, we recorded every seminar but one. The recorder in the Hypercorps 2099 panel stopped working, but we noticed it as soon as that panel ended and, thanks to the many volunteers who leant us extra recorders, we were able to replace it immediately.
  • The banquet video is ready to upload as soon as some graphics are added. It will be available tomorrow, barring unforeseen circumstances.
  • There is a hurdle to get over before the release of the audio of the seminars: Unlike in years past, where the recorders were stopped and restarted after every panel, these are single continuous recordings, some close to eight hours long. They’re saved based on the day and room of the recorder, but there will still be a larger than usual amount of preproduction involved to be done before we can release the first episode.
  • Normally, we release the bouquet first, and then release the seminars one per day in chronological order. Because of the importance of Sunday’s Starfinder seminar, we will be releasing that as our second special. The rest of the specials will be released in chronological order, most likely two-three per day.

Keep an eye on KnowDirectionPodcast.com for more PaizoCon 2016 seminar coverage!

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