Private Sanctuary 282 – Let’s Play: Silverhex Chronicles with House Marlowe Pt. 1

And now for something completely different! In Private Sanctuary Let’s Plays, Alex and Anthony invite their friends and fans into the Private Sanctuary to play some games with them. In their first-ever Let’s Play, the Everyman Gamer invites the esteemed  RPG Superstar Monica Marlowe and celebrated freelancer Andrew Marlowe into the Private Sanctuary for a quick game of PFS, as well as their children, Katie and Thomas. Fun and adventure ensue as the Everyman Gamer and the Marlowes introduce the next generation of gamers to the delight that is TTRPGs.

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  1. GM8574

    Yay! More “Let’s Play!”, please. I don’t get to game regularly, and it’s fun to hear the playstyles of others.