Private Sanctuary 281 – Class Features: Slayer

Alex and Anthony just can’t get enough Advanced Class Guide! In today’s episode of the Private Sanctuary Podcast, the Everyman Gamer and the Man Behind the Screens take a look at what is perhaps the most elegant, and most deadly, of the new Advanced Classes: the slayer!

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  • Vital Statistics
  • Class Features
    • Studied Strike
    • Track
    • Slayer Talents
    • Sneak Attack
    • Stalker
    • Advanced Talents
    • Slayer’s Advance
    • Quarry
    • Improved Quarry
    • Capstone
  • Builds and Play Experience
Alex Augunas

Alexander Augunas lives outside of Philadelphia, USA where he tries to make a living as an educator. When he's not shaping the future leaders of tomorrow, Alex is a freelance writer for esteemed Pathfinder Roleplaying Game publishers such as Paizo, Inc, Radiance House, Raging Swan Press, and more, and also acts as a co-host and blogger on the Know Direction Network, where he has earned the nickname, "The Everyman Gamer." Recently, Alex has forayed into the realm of self-publishing through his company, Everyman Gaming, LLC. If you like Alex's writing and are interested in supporting him while getting professional-quality material for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game while doing so, check out the Everyman Gaming, LLC catalog, which is listed under Rogue Genius Games at the following locations:


  1. Hey guys, listening to the episode, I’m only a little bit in to the episode but you seem to be getting something very wrong about Studied Target. You seem to be saying that you can have it on multiple targets at a time, but for the base class you lose that bonus against a target as soon as you study a new target. There may be a Feat or Archetype or Talent that changes this but for the base class you can not have multiple targets studied at one time.

  2. Please do the War Priest next. You guys have been talking it up for months, but I don’t get what the draw is, other than it works way better than Paladin for dwarves.

  3. Really good episode, guys. War priest sounds like a good choice for the next one, but honestly I’ll take whatever you’ve got as long as it’s soon. I’m using podcasts to fill the emptiness in my life where gaming used to be.

  4. Hunter with woodland stride and a horse archer could get quite annoying for players.

  5. Alex, since you brought up TWF and Shield Slam, I was wondering if your interpretation of that feat is that you must make a Bull Rush with every shield hit, or if the feat can be turned off if you don’t want to send your opponent flying across the room. Thanks.

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