Private Sanctuary 272 – Bestow Insight: War of the Mind

Alexander Augunas and Anthony Li return for the final Occult October episode of the Private Sanctuary Podcast! In today’s installment, the Everyman Gamer and the Man Behind the Screens talk about one of the new subsystems in Occult Adventures: psychic dueling! Grab your duel disks and draw your favorite cards, because we’re going to be talking about mindscapes and shadow games today on the Private Sanctuary Podcast!

Listen Now!

  • Another new segment?!
  • Mindscapes
  • Psychic Dueling Basics
  • Offensive Manifestations
  • Defensive Manifestations
  • Thought-form Creatures
  • Concluding a Psychic Duel
  • Final Thoughts


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  1. Andrew

    great podcast. I just started a psychic in an emerald spire campaign. I may have to look into utilizing the psychic duel system.

    Although one of you needs to blow your nose, a lot of sniffling going on in the background.