Private Sanctuary Podcast 270 – Detect the Faithful: Desna

The Everyman Gamer and the Man Behind the Screens are back with an all-new episode for the Private Sanctuary Podcast! Today’s episode is a Detect the Faithful segment, and today Anthony Li and Alex Augunas will be taking a peak in the complex, whimsical faith that is the Cult of Desna. Come relax as Alex and Anthony spin a tale of the Song of the Spheres today, on the Private Sanctuary Podcast!

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Detect the Faithful Script

  • Mythology
  • Desna “Stats”
  • Out of Character Characterization
  • Desna Around the World
  • Who Worships Her?
  • PC Suggestions
  • NPC / Villain Suggestions
  • Additional References
  • Outro
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  1. Ken

    Where did you guys read about the anti-Mythos Desna inquisitors of Desna? I love the idea, so I want to explore what support there is of this!

  2. Kyle H-L

    I would love the next Detect the Faithful episode to be focused on Lamashtu, she’s gotta be one of the most commonly encountered dieties, but I sometimes struggle to differentiate her characters from a generic demon cult. I would love to hear your guys’ take on how to do that.