Random Encounters — Distracted Boyfriend

Welcome to Random Encounters, the blog where we take a popular internet meme, animal video, or the like and turn it into a game rule for Pathfinder or Starfinder.

We all know this meme… this obnoxiously misogynistic meme, but how can we turn it into something useful… Well, it represents a sudden desire for something different at the cost of a long-term commitment. I have just the thing!

Instant Retraining ♦♦♦Feat 11

General Concentrate
Frequency once per day

You concentrate on your current desires and needs. Choose one of your Skill Feats or Class Feats; immediately replace that feat with another valid choice as if you had spent the time and money to retrain that feat. You gain access to the new feat for 1 minute and lose access to the old feat until you get a full night’s rest. This follows the normal rules for what feats can and cannot be retrained.

Vanessa Hoskins